Living History

  • Each collection has a brief description of the site or event, followed by descriptions of each individual image.
  • Images representing the present day are in color.
  • Images representing historic events are in sepia tone, characteristic of the recording of the day.


View Living History Professionals Collection
Living History Professionals

Fort Larned, KS

View Fort Larned Living History Collection
Fort Larned

Fort Larned, KS
Reproduced 1870s Stereo views

View Fort Larned Reenacted Stereo Collection
Fort Larned Stereo

Old Cowtown Museum
Wichita, KS

View Old Cowtown Living History Collection
OCT General

Old Cowtown Museum
Civil War Days

View Old Cowtown Civil War Days Living History Collection
OCT Civil War Days

Old Cowtown Museum
Women of the West

View Old Cowtown Women of the West Living History Collection
OCT Women of the West

Old Cowtown Museum
Rails and Trails

View Old Cowtown Rails and Trails Living History Collection
OCT Rails and Trails

Old Cowtown Museum

View Old Cowtown Graduation Living History Collection
OCT Graduation
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