Vintage Visuals Announces:
General Robert E Lee in Stereo

09.06.2011 - Hutchinson, Kansas

Graffiti, a botched photo sitting requiring a retake, and a desire to recreate a famous photo have resulted, 145 years later, in the discovery of a stereo photograph of General Robert E. Lee. Careful study of not just the images of Lee but the precise location of Lee's stance on brick flooring and the identification of the camera angles, indicates images taken minutes apart could be adjusted for size and exposure to provide a true stereo pair. This stereo image was not lost; it was merely unrecognized. It is only the third known stereo of General Lee and the only one of him in uniform.

Additional details describing this "discovery" are available in
A “New” 3-D View of General Robert E Lee

How would you like to OWN a bit of this history?

Purchase a high resolution Holmes Style stereoscopic slide showing General Robert E Lee in uniform. The back of the slide has a short description of the image and its discovery. This can be viewed with stereoscopes availble from Vintage Visuals
or antique scopes.
Purchase a stereo view card showing General Robert E Lee in uniform. While not quite the resolution of the stereo slide, this is a convenient way to share views of the General in all his 3D-ness without needing a stereoscope. The back of the view card also has a short description of the image and its discovery.
Purchase a copy of the paper that describes the details of this discovery. Additional details (such as a question about Lee's vest), lots of photos (including a detail image of the graffiti itself), and references are all included.
Purchase both a stereo slide and a stereo view card. Purchase a stereo slide and a copy of the full paper. Purchase a stereo view card and a copy of the full paper. Your choice!
For those who want it all, purchase all three items at a special price. Slide, view card, and paper all for just $50.

3-D Photography - Just Like Real Life!

Vintage Visuals provides expertise and service in stereo photography. Specializing in capturing and creating vintage Holmes-style stereo photos and stereo viewing devices, Vintage Visuals brings the photographic image alive. Vintage Visuals also provides education in 3-D concepts, techniques, applications, and history. In fact, through Alive With History, Vintage Visuals offers first person historical presentations of Alexander Gardner, the premier Civil War photographer.

Products and Services

Holmes-style stereo cards (3 1/2" x 7") are available for many different topics and locations in the Galleries

Stereoscopes and other fine stereo products are available for your purchase in the store
(Some of these Vintage Visuals stereoscopes were furnished shown in ABC's "Pushing Daisies")


You may ask "what is this stereo picture stuff and how does it work?" Let Alexander Gardner himself explain:

Lessons in Stereo Photography - Part One

Lessons in Stereo Photography - Part Two

If you would like more detailed information, a short course is offered here on stereophotography as well as a detailed description of the various ways of viewing a stereo image

More Questions? Check out the notes section on the Vintage Visuals Facebook Page. If those aren't enough, you can "Ask Alex" and he will post an answer.

Would you like to meet Alexander Gardner, the Premier Civil War Photographer, in person? Would you like detailed lessons from a real expert in how to make stereo photographs? Visit Alive With History and find out how!

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