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On August 21, 1863, William Quantrill and his men entered Lawrence, Kansas, with the intent of burning and killing. By mid-morning, their work was done, leaving the town in flames and over 150 unarmed civilian males dead. This documentary combines historical discussion with a reenactment of the actions surrounding that day.

The film was produced by Lone Chimney Films of Wichita, KS, based on the book Bloody Dawn, The Story of the Lawrence Massacre by Thomas Goodrich. The teaser trailer can be seen on youtube

This collection of images presents the story through scenes drawn from the production. A related set of pictures The Making of Bloody Dawn presents the actions of the movie makers and talent during preparation and filming and Bloody Dawn - Out-Takes presents the cuts and cut-ups from the filming of Bloody Dawn.

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This collection consists of 30 distinct stereo views. These can either be ordered separately or as
  • complete boxed stereo set (all 30 views in a storage box)
  • half stereo set (15 views including 01, 03, 05, 06, 08, 09, 12, 15, 17, 20,
    22, 24, 25, 27, and 30)
  • highlights stereo set (8 views including 08, 09, 12, 20, 22, 25, 27, and 30)

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 01

William Quantrill, Bloody Bill Anderson, George Todd others discuss raiding Lawrence. Revenge was planned for abolitionist forays, Jayhawker raids, the destruction of Osceola, and most recently, the death of and maiming of the Missouri in the collapse of the Kansas City jail.

Story BD 01

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 02

Raiders gather for the ride from Missouri into the heart of Kansas.

Story BD 02

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Bloody Dawn 03

Crossing into Kansas on the evening of August 20, 1863, over 450 raiders ride all to reach Lawrence at dawn, August 21, 1863.

Story BD 03

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Bloody Dawn 04

Crossing into Kansas on the evening of August 20, 1863, over 450 raiders ride all to reach Lawrence at dawn, August 21, 1863.

Story BD 04

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 05

Union soldiers are alerted to the presence of the raiders. The tracks show them heading west toward Lawrence.

Story BD 05

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 06

The Indian Scout Pelathe is charged with racing ahead to warn Lawrence. He arrives after the raid has begun.

Story BD 06

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 07

Raiders approach the farm of the Reverend Sam Snyder. Snyder is soon dispatched with a bullet to the chest.

Story BD 07

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 08

Quantrill is here!

Story BD 08

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 09

As the raiders entered town, one group rode into a camp of young recruits. To the cry Osceola! Kansas City! Remember the girls! the recruits were shot down.

Story BD 09

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 10

Arthur Spicer, spots the Raiders as they enter town. Spicer was later forced to point out the homes of men wanted by the Raiders.

Story BD 10

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 11

Raiders clear the Eldridge Hotel.

Story BD 11

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 12

Steve Dix is shot leaving the Johnson House hotel.

Story BD 12

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 13

The raiders came prepared with a list of names - "Who we want" - the Kansans they came to kill.

Story BD 13

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 14

Raiders enter Jim Lane's house.

Story BD 14

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 15

The Lane family is held at gunpoint while the Raiders "liberate" the senator's belongings,

Story BD 15

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 16

Sallie Young, the seamstress for the Eldridge Hotel, is forced to point out men and identify homes.

Story BD 16

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 17

Elizabeth Fisher begged for help to save her home and her husband. The Reverend Fisher was hiding in the cellar when the Raiders came

Story BD 17

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 18

Raiders visit Judge Carpenter. He greeted them and then, with great control and calm, sent them away.

Story BD 18

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 19

On the third visit of the Raiders, Judge Carpenter was shot for being from New York.

Story BD 19

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 20

Judge Carpenter was shot in his wife Mary's arms for being from New York.

Story BD 20

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 21

The raiders rode all night to reach Lawrence. Plundered alcohol coupled with this fatigue, added to the mayhem.

Story BD 21

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 22

Quantrill surveyed his work."How many of the men on my list have we been able to kill?"

Story BD 22

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 23

Sam Riggs delivered his money to Skaggs. He was saved from death when his wife Kate grabed Skaggs's horse's bridle.

Story BD 23

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Bloody Dawn 24

Larkin Skaggs, older and more violent than most of the other raiders, tied a Union flag to his horse's tail and dragged it through town.

Story BD 24

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 25

Approaching the City Hotel, Skaggs called everyone out and then shot a man from Ohio for "being worse than Kansas". Nathan Stone, the owner, was then shot while pleading with Skaggs.

Story BD 25

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 26

The Eldridge House was looted from "cellar to garret".

Story BD 26

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 27

As the killing and looting continued, the torch came out to finish the destruction.

Story BD 27

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 28

The final task remaining to the Raiders was to return to the Missouri border.

Story BD 28

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 29

Major Preston Plumb and about 50 cavalry followed the trail of burning after the Raiders departed.

Story BD 20

Cinema Series
Bloody Dawn 30

As the cries ceased and the smoke cleared, the citizens of Lawrence turned to burying the dead.

Story BD 30
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